How much are the Indianapolis Colts worth

Do you call yourself an Indianapolis die-hard fan? What do you know about this team? Are you just noisy for nothing? Don’t worry; being a fan of anything doesn’t imply that you must know its roots.

However, knowing the Indianapolis net worth cant cost and in this piece of work is what we are going to cover.

Overview of Indianapolis colts

The colts are an international American football team residing in Indianapolis. They use Lucas oil as their home the national football league; they are one that represents the south division.

The team was founded in 1985 and at this time was based in Baltimore, Maryland, which later relocated to Indianapolis in 1984.

They were part of the national football league and their funding mostly came from here. They have some healthy history. They were the first south division team to switch to the AFC after the 1970 merger.

It also advanced to postseason ten times while in Baltimore. They also won three championships games in 1968, 1959 and 1958. For the super bowl, they have two appearances. One loses to New York jets in super bowl three and winning over Dallas cowboys in super bowl V.

Since moving to Indianapolis in 1984, they have appeared fourteen-time in the playoffs and two conference championships.

The net worth

So what is their estimated net worth?

With such a healthy history, they boast of $1,154 net worth, which is not bad. They deserve more than this.

Last note

If you have been a fan of watching the Colts game online, you can confirm with this net worth. If you have also one of the fans, you can be starting today and watch the games online which will cost you from low to even paying nothing.

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