Step by step guide to know International Rugby rules

The Rugby World Cup is an exciting event that people from all over the world are ready to view. When you want to learn the International Rugby rules, it is best to watch the Rugby World Cup live broadcast and we can tell you where you can watch!

Rugby world cup guide

International Rugby Rules

Rugby is a very popular sport all over the world. It has grown in popularity in the United States recently, but there are still fans who are not quite sure about the International rules. We are here to explain some of the rules to you before you watch the Rugby World Cup on September 20.

The object of the game of rugby is to score more points than the opposing team. Sounds easy enough right? The games are 80 minutes in length and some games can end in a draw. There are phases of play in order to see who the final winner is.

Players on the Teams

There are fifteen players on each team. There are forwards and backs on the teams. There are eight forwards and seven backs. The forwards are called hooker, prop, second row, flanker, and number eight. The backs are called scrum-half, fly-half, inside the center, outside center, wingers, and full back.

The game begins with a pitch that is split up. This is where the game begins to get a little complicated. One player has to stay about 100 meters from the two dead goal areas. The goalposts are about five to six meters apart. When players know the established rules, they can then start to play. There are so many rules of rugby, but when you watch the Rugby World Cup this year, you will soon know them inside and out! Stay tuned for the 20th of this month in order to learn more about the International rules of rugby!

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