It’s Good to Have Great Friends Who Can Help You

On a hot day outside, I can be rather feisty. And if that happens when I’m indoors, it seems even worse. There’s no breeze indoors, and then I feel horrible. I melt in the heat, and it has always been that way for me. I have been lucky with air conditioning repair in NYC because I know the owners for a couple of different companies. Top notch business owners who work hard in the cold or heat themselves to make sure that other people are comfortable.

The first guy I know who does repair here in our city is someone I was in the military with. We did not have the same jobs when we were both in together, but we met separately when we both happened to be at one of the pizza places on base one night. We hit it off within minutes, and have been friends ever since. I was not originally from New York, but he was. He told me that if I ever came through, I should look him up and we would get together. What a surprise for both of us when I ended up moving here. We keep in touch often and we like to have a BBQ together when we can.

The other guy is someone who I knew from living in California. We went to school together and were roommates in the dorm we both lived in. He and I were both native to the state, and were both going for business degrees. We also ended up having a lot of the same classes, so we studied a lot together and we were both good about giving each other support with getting through school. I was elated when he decided to move to NYC and open his own company. I knew that either one of these guys would drop everything to come help me.

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